Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I cant hold this world up around me any longer... so before the world collapses on me, I will do what I must. Like a samurai, my sword is poised in the air. Like a world leader, my finger hovers over this button.

Duality seeps like a virus into my mind and my decisions suffer. Do I enjoy this? Does it please me to act this way? I care no longer. Thinking becomes a task, so I choose not to.

I carry the truth like a burden on my back... and it has brought me to my knees. I want to cry out but this burden is mine to bear. So I moan in secret, and weep in isolation.

But this will not end me. My spirit is resolved now... I whisper His name and my call is answered. He gives me one more day, and I.AM.GRATEFUL.

Stylishly Yours
-JaKeen Couture

Model: Stephanie Hines
Wardrobe Stylists: JaKeen Couture and Redgi Woods
Photographer: Andrew Gruppe
Hair Stylist: Tennae Lachey

(If you would like to work with any of the artists mentioned in this post contact me at JaKeenCouture@hotmail.com)

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