Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chic. Classic. Cool. CHICAGO

The woman here has many faces. Many styles. Many ways. She has a certain flair recognziable to those that are cultured and well traveled. An elegance demonstrated in the her stride. An ease that disguises her magnificent strength, and a smirk that shines light on her jazzy soul. This woman is CHICAGO. A mixture of what womanhood and feminity is all about. She has inspired me to make her my home, and demanded that I share my inspiration with others. So I welcome you to this place. An oasis of fashion, culture, art, beauty, life, and dreams. I welcome you to CHICAGO, as seen by myself, JaKeen Couture. Enjoy her, she's divine.

At first glance she is CHIC. Captivating, Hard, Inspiring, Controlled. Represented by a vintage jumper with an embellished, strong shoulder detail. The deep v collar is given texture with suede trim. A braided rope belt and suede knee high black boots. This look exudes Chicago because of the obvious details. Still elegant without losing the boldness of it all. *I adore her, she doesn't even notice me*

Walk down her streets and tell me what you see... CLASSIC. The ease of life wrapped in designer apparel. This feeling is expressed by the beige minidress, effortlessly sexy with a sweetheart neckline. You can never go wrong with a nude shoe, but being who she is, its given a twist by being a patent leather ankle boot. What sets her apart from others is that classic doesn't imply colorless. The shape of this 3/4 sleeve jacket has staple piece written all over it, but the pop color keeps her young and fresh. *She breezes by me and I had to look again*

This look is the heart of her. She defines COOL... then redefines it everyday. What I love most about her is that she allows you to be who you are. She makes it clear that she knows herself. The way she wears high fashion so casually displays her sophistication. A monochromatic look is trendy enough for the young, but permanent enough for the veterans. Her choice of a white and cream corset paired with a beige calf harem pant is almost devastating in its simplicity. The shoe is all the drama she needs on a day like this. The mustard yellow platform with a pointed toe shows that she is thoughtful in her selection. The accessories are dialed down to diamond studs and an on trend pearl/chain bracelet. This look shows that sometimes less is much much more. *I need her in my life, she gives me life*

Stylishly Yours
-JaKeen Couture

Model: Stephanie Hines
Photographers: Jasmin Wright and Mg Oania
Wardrobe Stylist: JaKeen Couture

(if you are in the Chicago area and you are interested in working with any of the above mentioned artists contact me at


  1. You are doing great things. Your sense of style is fab and original! Chicago is the city for you. A city were you can unleash yourself and continue your journey to greatness!
    -Abah :)

  2. This is sooo Good!!! Im impressed =0) You know my fav is def the last look.... EFFORTLESS!! LOVE PIERRE =0)

  3. JaKeen you are just FABULOUS! and truly one of a kind. I haven't me anybody with the insight and knowledge for style and fashion all together. I can most def tell that this is your passion and pours out of you <3 love it!
    candace loryan

  4. This blog gives me life, I'm so happy you finally have this launched!! So creative, Chicago personified I love it!

  5. I LOVE IT!!!...I'm not a blogger per say, but I look forward to all of your many posts!! Keep up the good work you guys and keep that strong lust for life that you have!!!

  6. JaKeen I'm impressed with your wording and the way you characterize it with true elegance and distinction The blog is spectacular!!!! The descriptions and detail with a keen eye are impeccable, spoken like a true fashion ICON. I love the way you have captivated and created chicago and all of it's splendor and trendy fashions for today's woman. I look forward to following you on future blogs. With that being said in the near future you will be the epitome of a true fashion GURU......... your friend Kenneth