Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sun Rises On The Other Side...

REFUGE... where do I find it? How will I know it? Why do I crave it?

When this world becomes just too much, when my dreams and imagination overwhelm me with emotion, when my visions turn to reality... where can I find solace?

There is this place I know. A place that allows me, just for that instance, to be still. To let my mind rest, and my spirit soar. This place is a beach. A beach that visually represents exactly what my heart yearns for. Where reality ends at the waters edge, and hopes begin just at the horizon.

If you do not have this place, find it. Find a place in your world that you can make your very own and then spend time there. You deserve every bit of peace you can grasp in this world filled with trouble. So I dare you to take it.

There is this place I know. A place of REFUGE... it's on the other side... where the sun rises

Stylishly Yours
-JaKeen Couture

Model: Stephanie Hines
Wardrobe Stylist: JaKeen Couture
Photographer: Jasmin Wright

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  1. Sage advice from one so young. Solace, refuge, peace. Soul happiness.

  2. I love this love this love this....don't stop.... i cant wait for your outfit posts!!!!

  3. I was reading over your latest post and I ran across this one again and it just reminded me of how pumped you were at Milli's grad party to get back to the beach and just spend time to yourself in your place of peace and happiness...true passion...keep up the good work!!