Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Ship I Captain

This Ship I Captain... is heading toward rougher waters. My mind has changed and the weather with it. I'm leaving this norm I unknowingly created for the unknown I knowingly long for. Still waters are no longer my friend. My anchor is drawn up and I push forward, putting my fear away.

Complacency was that anchor and I can no longer afford to be bound. I have braced myself for this moment, my legs are strong, my back sturdy, my eyes focused, and my mind alert. Change is the wind that fills my sails and I welcome the gusts it sends to propel my journey.

I recognize this storm of my own creation and I am thankful. Thankful for the chance to test my skills and study the craft of living my life in a way that only I can. This storm will not capsize me... These waters will not trouble me... and those clouds will not shadow me for long. My victory is acknowledged and already written. I captain this ship and before I left the shore, I set my course.

Stylishly Yours
-JaKeen Couture

Model: Stephanie Hines
Wardrobe Stylist: JaKeen Couture
Photographer: Jasmin Wright

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  1. Am nonplussed, so beautiful. Especially since I know what's going on in your life right now. To articulate it so beautifully, I'm astonished at your talent. I'm astonished, but at the same time I'm not surprise, I knew since you were very young that whatever you put your mind to whatever it was you wanted to do you would do beautifully, stylishly.
    Love you always baby boy.

  2. AWESOME! You're doing a great job!