Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Obsession By Any Other Name...

I need that... It must be mine... I have to possess that or I can not go on.

What makes an obsession? Is it always a negative force that overwhelms the mind and dominates the spirit... or could it be something else? What if an obsession was more than that... would it be alright?

Would it be alright if that obsession was a driving force that took you where you needed to go, to achieve what you needed to achieve? Would it be alright if that obsession transformed into passion? A flame ignited by your wants then fanned by an inner need to fulfill a purpose... your purpose.

That's what I have discovered. A passion so fervent, so absolute, so true that it has become undeniable to any that stand before me. Some could mistake this for obsession, but doesn't it feel good to know the truth for yourself? To know that I would do this just for the memory.

My "obsession" makes me smile... Or is that a smirk?

Stylishly Yours
-JaKeen Couture

Model: Stephanie Hines
Wardrobe Stylists: JaKeen Couture and Redgi Woods
Photographer: Andrew Gruppe
Hair Stylist: Tennae Lachey

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